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Organizational Advantage of Outsourcing Learning

It has long been a trend in business to outsource certain functions. Outsourcing payroll, IT, recruiting, and other functions enables internal resources to maintain focus on core business functions. Expanding the reach of that trend, an increasing number of organizations are outsourcing their learning and training needs. Research journals and articles spanning the last decade document an evolving trend knows as Learning Outsourcing: managing your organization’s education needs through a learning or training services provider.

Most organizations face similar challenges: tight budgets, reduced resources, and continuously changing technologies, as well as the inefficiencies, inconsistencies, redundancies of internal learning efforts that focus on the tactical needs of individual departments. So when they turn to a Managed Learning Service solution, organizations are seeking ways to streamline processes, improve learner experience and receive the best learning value for their budget.

ANI Managed Learning Services supports rapidly changing corporate business objectives by efficiently and cost effectively producing learning at the speed of organizational change.

Benefits of Managed Learning Services

Consider these benefits of implementing Managed Learning Services in your organization.

Organizational Efficiency

Keep employees and departments focused on core business functions.

Objective-Focused Business Strategy

Align internal learning teams’ efforts with business objectives, so they support the whole organization rather than focusing on departmental or tactical training.

Controlled Training Costs

Manage to and work within a fixed budget.

Broad Range and Depth of Experience

Augment the potentially limited skills and competencies of internal learning teams with resources that provide a wide and breadth and depth of learning experiences.

Efficient eLearning Content Development

Leverage resources to build and develop online learning without straining internal learning teams by pressing them to endlessly learn new technologies.

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Managed Learning Services Portfolio

L&D Organizational Function

Building a Learning and Development team within an organization requires strategy and planning. ANI supports this process with one of three models:

  • Fully outsourced. ANI functions as the L&D organization, seamlessly maintaining communication and relationships in such a way as to appear as a fully functional part of the organization.
  • Staffing. ANI staffs L&D positions inside of a corporate L&D organization.
  • Consulting and planning. ANI assists in planning and building an L&D organization, or helps compare the advantages of an internal L&D function with a fully outsource model.

L&D Administration

Learning Administration services focus on the time-consuming tasks of training coordination and logistics management. ANI gives learning teams their time back by taking on the management and performance of these tasks. This is a highly compelling reason for organizations to consider Managed Learning Services.

  • Learner Management and Planning
  • Catalog Management
  • Enrollment
  • Class Management
  • Pre/Post Delivery Management
  • Event Finance Management
  • Train the Trainer

Continuous Learning Strategy

Organizations typically require an initial, organization-wide analysis to identify the essential learning requirements to support business objectives. ANI assists in the process of establishing an initial set of organizational learning objectives, as well as periodically evaluating and adjusting learning objectives to ensure the learning strategy is consistently aligned with ever-changing corporate business objectives.

  • Comprehensive Learning Needs Analysis and Demand Planning
  • Quarterly and Annual Alignment to Business Objectives
  • Flexible Learning Plans to Support New Product Introduction
  • Organizational Talent Development Plans
  • Concrete Goal Setting, Data Collection, and Analysis Around Learner Behaviors

Learning Program Sourcing & Supplier Management

Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management offers access to a wide network of trainers and partners, often with considerable cost benefits when compared to the use of internal resources or suppliers directly engaged by an organization. ANI has extensive experience with the top learning providers with the highest quality and learner satisfaction rate in the industry. We use our experience and procurement knowledge to sort through thousands of learning suppliers to find multiple options that are targeted to an organization’s specific needs. This can save an organization money as well as reduce their time spent on managing relationships and supplier reviews on an ongoing basis.

  • Competitive Selection
  • Agreement and Contracting
  • Dedicated Help Desk
  • Negotiations
  • PO Issuance and Payment Management

Learning Asset Creation & Management

ANI maintains a current inventory of organizational learning and knowledge assets, and identifies where assets need to be developed or updated. Asset management is an ongoing service. Asset development/updates are part of quarterly/annual learning strategy planning.

  • Just-In-Time and Microlearning Content Development
  • eLearning or Media Asset Development
  • ILT Facilitator and Learner Guides
  • Content Evaluation and Improvement
  • New Content Design and Development
  • Assessment Authoring
  • Blended Learning Solutions
  • Ongoing Asset Inventory, Management and Update Strategy
  • Demo and Hands-On Lab development

Learning Technology

ANI assists in the implementation as well as the optimization or improvement of an existing learning or KM platform or Learning Management Experience (LMX), or facilitates the selection and implementation a new platform.

  • Selection and Implementation
  • Administration
  • Learning Management and Tracking
  • Analysis of Existing LMS/TMS