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To stay relevant in today’s ever-evolving marketplace, tech companies need to speed up technology adoption and the revenue velocity of new product introduction (NPI). So ANI has developed a proven methodology for all sales-related personnel from account management to design to implementation support—repeatable processes built on best practices that enables businesses to quickly and efficiently deliver product training before launching a new product.


ANI’s NPI methodology is built around sales, design, and deployment scenarios that enable implementation of real-world solutions for businesses.

We know that to stay relevant in today’s ever-evolving marketplace, tech companies need to speed up technology adoption and the revenue velocity of new product introduction. And in our many years of providing enablement support, ANI has come to recognize that concerns about successful implementation have a negative impact on time to sale. So our targeted trainings equip all sales and post-sales personnel with the messaging, knowledge and practical references and tools to realize implementation success.

ANI’s approach includes:

  • Dedicated SMEs to design, develop and deliver comprehensive NPI training
  • Design and deploy role-based scenarios that enable implementation of real-world solutions
  • Virtual product introduction and hands-on, lab-based learning
  • Just-in-time new product training for your staff and partners

The purpose of ANI’s business solutions team is to increase your capacity and capability to support and accelerate go-to-market. Our goal is to increase your profitability through rapid adoption and sale of new products and solutions.

To fulfill our purpose and meet our goal, we’ll work with you to:

  • Align new product/solution training with first customer shipment
  • Create real-world business scenarios that drive the design and build of product/solution applications
  • Enable your Partners
  • Increase your revenue velocity
  • Speed-up technology adoption

Based on our experience over the years, here are some of the outcomes you can expect to attain through a disciplined managed service approach to NPI sales enablement:

  • Programs that result in efficient/cost effective training that meet the needs of clients and partners
  • Reduced technical assistance demand due to training effectiveness and related documentation
  • Quicker return of personnel to their normal job duties
  • Increased client/partner satisfaction due to dedicated training focus
  • Accelerated revenue velocity due to increased sales and implementation confidence
    Why ANI
    • Methodology: A logical, step-based methodology of implementing and configuring new products to ensure that resellers gain the needed understanding and experience to confidently deploy new products.
    • Design Expertise: 20+ years of experience building new product training including hands-on, lab-based learning.
    • Problem Solving and Solution Integration: The ability to work through problems/issues that other product focused experts are not accustomed to solving. ANI team has the intelligence, ability, and experience to mine information from multiple, unique sources.
    • Solutions-Based Lab Design Experts: When appropriate, hands-on labs are built to address a customer or business goal. ANI ensures resellers know how to sell and deploy, speeding up technology adoption and revenue velocity for you and your resellers.
    • Ongoing Managed Project: ANI’s management structure allows your managers to do their jobs, confident that ANI is handling a new product introduction program independently.
        Get Started

        ANI begins with an NPI Sales Enablement assessment. Through interviews and related analysis, we will provide you with a written assessment of your current efforts along with some recommendations. If you would like assistance in implementing some or all of our recommendations, we will provide you with a proposal at your request.

        If you are interested in an assessment or just getting underway, we are ready to go. Contact us today.

        NPI Whitepaper

        ANI assembled a team of network engineers to design, develop and deliver just-in-time new product training for Cisco resellers.

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