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Build Security In: Transportation

Security, Technology

This interview style course uses case studies to substantiate the need and the approach for Transportation professionals and Application Designers/Developers to integrate security into IoT products and solutions.


You are driving down the highway, five-to-ten years in the future. You look from lane to lane, and in every new car the driver is comfortably positioned, in the back seat. The cars are all on autopilot. A large truck whizzes by you, and you notice nobody is inside its’ cab. It’s driven by the Internet of Things.

Self-driving cars on autopilot and fleets of Internet connected and managed devices will rule the roads in the not so distant IoT future. Trains and ships will operate without ever having a person on board. The question is whether or not the correct attention has been paid to security. Should we trust that the autonomous vehicles will not accidentally or purposefully crash into each other causing massive loss of life? These solutions are not receiving the security attention they deserve during construction, and we need to fix that. Apply the lessons to ‘Build Security In’ to products and deployments in the transportation sector.

Course Details

  • Duration: One hour – Offered in a fast-paced, interactive, web-based session
  • Size: Unlimited

Course Prerequisites

The following are the recommended prerequisites for this course:

  • General understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Course Objectives

At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of “Build Security In”
  • Explore an IoT in Transportation Use Case
  • Identify security challenges associated with Internet-ready devices and services
  • Identify the IoT security paradigm shift and the specific impact it has on manufacturers, products and the more general impact on the transportation workforce
  • Describe how an IoT Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) helps mitigate threats and create secure IoT transportation products