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Emotional Intelligence

Professional Development, Sales Enablement

In this session, participants will examine and practice the skills necessary to gain competencies for decision making, collaboration and influence.


Everyone has heard about emotional intelligence and most organizations know they need more of it, but how do you get it? Neuroscience tells us that emotional intelligence is developed by building connections in your brain between your emotional center and your executive functions. As adults you create these connections by what you do, what you think and what you say. This highly-interactive class focuses on practical ways to build the 4 foundations of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, social-awareness and social-regulation.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able to:

  • Recognize how emotions unconsciously drive behavior and will practice how to identify and address limited thinking patterns that drive us toward non-constructive behaviors
  • Recognize the difference between neurotic defenses and mature defenses so that they can choose more effective was to deal with emotionally distressing situations
  • Understand the neurological basis of empathy and practice how to use the external emotional information we receive to demonstrate their empathy and communicate more effectively
  • Recognize the importance of managing fear in order to motivate themselves and others
  • Practice assertively addressing bad behavior in the workplace and will recognize the importance of managing their colleague’s painful emotions in an emotionally intelligent way

Course Details

Size: 20 participants max