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Leading at the Speed of Life

Professional Development, Sales Enablement

In today’s business world, the reality is that there will always be more work to do than time allotted. The conflicting demands of excelling at work while still having a “life outside of work” can take a heavy toll.  In this session, participants will examine and practice the skills necessary to be a successful leader and maintain a sense of balance. By identifying and overcoming personal barriers to effectiveness including perfectionism, “yes-person” syndrome, and procrastination, participants will discover the things they need to stop doing or do differently in order to “play at a higher level” – both at work and home.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the real value of your time & the true approach to a priority driven day to gain better balance – whatever that looks like for you personally
  • Determine tactical strategies to effectively manage the most prevalent time challenges
  • Discover proven strategies to prioritize and delegate work more effectively
  • Understand the impact of conflicting demands and trying to do “too much”
  • Identify the link between choosing where to expend time and energy and achieving what is really important
  • Develop ‘next step’ strategies for being priority driven – without sacrificing ambition or life balance

Course Details

Size: 20 participants max