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Partner University for Channel Partners

Channel Partners, Sales Enablement


The ANI Partner University Program is a coordinated, eight-day program to equip new partner sales account managers to begin their careers fully prepared to meet the expectations of the customers and their company.  They will learn how to approach each sales interaction with a clear differentiated message – based upon research and preparation – to increase their sales.

Course Details:

Duration: 8 Days
Fee: $7795
CLCs: 83

Who Should Attend:

  • Partner Account Managers
  • Sales Leaders

Target Size: 12-14


Partner University Framework — tying in/connecting the relevance of all elements: business outcomes, architectures, communication skills, and customer engagement.

Driving Business Outcomes – Business Acumen and Strategic Account Planning (2 days) –

Day One – Primary emphasis on Individual Accounts (secondary emphasis on Verticals & Horizontals):

  • Buy Side Business: Frameworks, Approaches, and Principles
  • Initial Research: Core – Financials and Public Documents
  • Value Proposition (Draft): Formulation, Driving Customer Financials, and Competitive Advantage
  • Advanced Research: Strategic – Industry Trends, Financials and related Documents
  • Value Proposition (Final): Refinement with focus on ROI

Day Two – Primary emphasis on grouping Individuals into ‘Community of Interest’ Teams by Vertical / (Secondary Emphasis on their Individual Account):

  • ReCap: Day One within the context of the eight-day Partner U Framework
  • Strategic Value Propositions By Industry Vertical/Account
  • Forming Vertical/Horizontal Teams
  • Work Process Flow White Boarding
  • The Executive Mindset
  • Connecting Expectations to Customer Engagement (Week 2) and the relevance of Architectures
  • Getting In The Door
  • Vision Drives Opportunity
  • Big Bets
  • WIN = What’s Important Next: Quarterly Action Plan
  • Closing Team Presentations – “push” the teams to understand the business relevance of technology decisions, thereby equipping them for the week 1 Architecture lesson

Introduction to Customer Engagement Case Studies (used in Week 2) for reference

Communicating With Confidence (2 days) – increases credibility and trust in how they listen and craft a message that is value based for the customer. Students will role-play (with video recording) with business case study examples, reinforcing the methodology, and establishing a model for the balance of the Partner University program.

Architectures (2 days with an optional 3rd day for more depth) – begins with a foundational discussion of each of the Cisco Architectures. Students learn how to position and sell architectures in the context of the evolving capabilities for a sustainable and successful enterprise.   What is the business value of these architectures (to technical and business decision makers)?  Students will begin forming their value proposition (Cisco and their company) by addressing the why (should I buy and why should I buy from this company) for the customer.

Reinforcement – post-training (within 30 days) coaching session… 1:1 with a Communications Coach.

Customer Engagement (2 days) – integrates previously learned skills (communications, architectures, business value and acumen) through practical application.

  • Theme – knowledge of the customer and the architectures (common case study) – how to apply that knowledge to the customer engagement
  • Who to contact, how to get that contact, and ultimately what to do when you show up
  • Demonstrated use of white boarding techniques to drive the customer conversation
  • Addressing the challenge of using a standardized approach with “all” of their customers
  • Territory planning – how to create ‘client groups’ to make it attainable
  • Minimal industry knowledge needed to be generally relevant, and unique customer knowledge needed if you want to be totally relevant
  • Customer Engagement Role Play – effectively communicate the research and technology into a successful engagement targeting an Individual Account