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Engage your team. Cultivate their success.

We believe that an organization’s success is built upon the success of its people, and people’s ability to succeed depends on having the right information right when they need it. We believe this so strongly that we built a platform to make it possible and the services to back it up.


Knowledge Bytes is a content repository platform for hosting and delivery, as well as a content portal to aggregate content from a variety of locations. But it’s about more than just hosting, delivering, and aggregating your content—it’s about curating it.

Our platform’s curation process applies a rich taxonomy and the subject matter expertise of your team to deliver targeted bytes of information—often referred to as microlearning—that can be quickly consumed to close skills and knowledge gaps, right at the time of need.


Microlearning Strategy

Assess and address your knowledge needs: inventory what you have, identify what you need, and create a plan to develop and enhance as your time and budget allows.

Curation as a Service

Let us provide the SMEs to gather, organize, and deliver your content for you.

Taxonomy Support

Work with our team of learning experts to inventory your content and develop an intelligent, layered taxonomy.

Asset Inventory and Migration

Bring your formal and informal knowledge assets together in one portal, and organize them according to your taxonomy.

Knowledge Assessment

Develop a strategy to assess knowledge, and create and deploy assessments in line with your objectives.

Content Development

Work with our team of learning experts to develop the microlearning content that will fill the gaps in your existing assets.

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