Knowledge Management Solutions

Curation as a Service

Although it has recently gained popularity in the creative world, the word curate still invokes images of museum basements and tweed jackets. So what does curation have to do with your knowledge assets?

At ANI, we believe this new application of the word curate should be synonymous with the picture you have in your mind. They don’t wear tweed jackets; but our curation specialists will approach your content as they would an exhibit—applying their subject matter expertise to build an engaging collection of assets that tell your organization’s story. They’ll analyze the relevance of your content, wrap context around it, and monitor user engagement to help improve your collection and our curation practice.

Formal Learning

Your curation specialist will work with you to pinpoint the specific fields of knowledge you want to develop, and identify and organize the formal knowledge assets you have within those fields. If you identify gaps in knowledge that require formal learning you don’t have, our curation specialists will help you source that learning or create it with a team of our learning solutions specialists.

Informal Learning

Work with your curation specialist to make informal learning content related to your fields of knowledge a part of your knowledge asset collection.

  • Recommend locations for your curation specialist to source informal content
  • Develop a process for vetting informal learning content objects
  • Establish a schedule for delivering informal learning content objects
Analytics and Metrics

If you utilize a content portal, user engagement with any asset will generate metrics and analytics. ANI’s curation specialists will analyze this data on a scheduled basis and provide recommendations for enhancing engagement. These recommendations may include replacing content, updating content, supplementing content, or even enhancing content with our team of learning solutions specialists.