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Taxonomy Services

Fun fact: There’s no such thing as a degree in taxonomy.

That being the case, you may be wondering how ANI can offer taxonomy support as a service. Especially when there are machines capable of creating taxonomies with no college experience whatsoever. While we certainly respect the machine here at ANI, our taxonomy specialists bring significantly more to the table—including college degrees!—adding true value to your knowledge management efforts.

An Integrated Approach

ANI’s taxonomists provide the integrated approach that is really necessary in knowledge management. Building a taxonomy is neither an entirely technical and mathematical, nor an entirely linguistic skill. Rather, it is an intersection between these skill sets. And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve searched out taxonomists with a number of complementary skills that enable them to implement and maintain successful taxonomies.

  • Familiarity with the principles of knowledge organization structures
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Analytical skills
  • Organization/categorization skills
  • Research skills
  • Search skills
  • Knowledge of user needs
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Communication skills
A Taxonomy Strategy

At ANI, we believe a taxonomy should be executed by someone with an eye toward the collection. We believe in making a taxonomy plan, and in maintaining that plan over the long-term.

To develop your strategy, your ANI specialist will begin by asking a lot of questions. These questions will be directed at a lot of different people, because a layered, intelligent taxonomy must reflect your organization at all levels. And as a subject matter expert, you can trust that your taxonomy specialist will know to whom each question should be directed.

Next, you taxonomy specialist will begin conducting research on your organization and on your fields of knowledge. As a subject matter expert, your taxonomist will already be familiar with the work you do. But your specialist will treat your organization as unique within the industry, and will research and learn accordingly.

Once they understand your fields of knowledge and your organization, your taxonomist will work with you to develop your taxonomy design and maintenance strategy—a blueprint that will serve you from implementation and beyond.

An Expert Opinion

Because there are no degrees in taxonomy, our taxonomists have widely varied backgrounds and educations. While all our specialists have a combination of skills that make them good at the technical implementation, they are also specially qualified to build a taxonomy unique to your organization.

We partner you with an ANI taxonomist who can bring relevant subject matter expertise to your taxonomy strategy. We think this is very important, because while your taxonomy plays a significant role in identifying and retrieving information assets, it cannot supply uncaptured expertise or knowledge. But because they have experience in your fields of knowledge, your taxonomy specialist can search out and often even supply the uncaptured expertise and knowledge required to build an intelligent, layered taxonomy.