Learning Solutions


ANI provides Instructor-led training sessions delivered on-site or online. This includes facilitators and facilities for delivery of learning programs. We deliver existing course programs and materials as well as custom learning program.

ANI also helps identify and secure facilities and classroom resources to facilitator a smooth learning delivery.

Custom Courses

Client satisfaction is a key to our success in custom delivery. We work collaboratively with our clients to identify and prepare qualified instructors to suit customer delivery requirements. The process includes:

  • Identify of the qualifications of a facilitator
  • Identify and interview, qualified facilitators, engaging our clients in the last round of interviews.
  • Ramp-up facilitators on the course and materials
  • Co-teach a class with an current facilitator
  • Deliver classes as assigned
  • Review feedback and evaluations after each session

Securing the right facility and classroom resources is a big part of custom learning delivery.

Virtual and Blended Delivery

Some clients prefer delivery through a virtual classroom. That is, a Web Conferencing platform that facilitates delivery and may include learner participation, break-out sessions, feedback, polls, assessments and labs. The WebEx Training center is a frequently used Virtual Classroom delivery platform but ANI is comfortable delivering or assisting clients to deliver using other Virtual Classroom tools.

Virtual classroom sessions can be delivered to an entire group, synchronously or recorded and delivered asynchronously for just-in-time learning.

Blended Learning

Virtual delivery is an effective component of a blended learning program. Learning content such as Web-Based training or labs may be taken at the learners pace, before the learner attends a virtual classroom session. The concepts discussed in the virtual training can then be linked to concepts learners have partially mastered, engaging the learner and entrenching the concepts. This increases learner retention.

Blended learning may include group meetings, face-to-face or virtual, outside of classroom delivery. When these sessions are with subject matter experts or peers, they facilitate a rich learning program.

Blended learning, is an effective way to ensure learner assimilation of program objectives; a key to any successful learning program.