Learning Solutions


The first step of ANI’s approach is to identify overall course goals and objectives. The outcome is a Design Plan which becomes a roadmap for development efforts, ensuring that the final learning product supports the original client vision.

To ensure technical accuracy, our program management and instructional design team engage with subject matter experts to ensure that learning objectives, prerequisite knowledge and learning assessment strategy accurately communicate the technical aspects of the subject matter. These experts can be provided by either ANI or our client.

Because we understand custom learning solutions, our design efforts scale to meet the budget and schedule requirements unique to each client and their individual projects.

Instructional Design

ANI works with the Subject Matter experts and stakeholders to define overall course goals, learning objectives, learning activities and assessment strategies. We help our clients identify how existing materials that can be leveraged in new course development. The deliverable is a Design Plan, unique to the specific project. ANI is committed to scale design effort to support fiscal and schedule targets for each client and each project. Our design strategy is based in the ADDIE model, the model well known and broadly used by many clients. We expedite development efforts through early prototyping so the client can test a portion of the final product before and during Analysis, Design and Development phases. The early prototype adds great efficiency to the ADDIE model. ANI Instructional Design Services include the following:

  • Identify course goals, course length, and perquisite knowledge and experience
  • Identify and engage with project stakeholders
  • Develop terminal and enabling learning objectives, as detail is required
  • Construct a course flow that supports optimal learning
  • Ensure materials support learner and facilitator choice of navigation
  • Identify exercises and labs
  • Determine the delivery and facilitator requirements for Instructor Led Training
  • Determine media and hosting requirements for Web Based Training
  • Specify required support materials and equipment topologies for IT courses
  • Identify learning assessment strategy
Learning Program Analysis

A learning program supports broad or long term talent development which may include course attendance, mentoring, on-the-job training or other organizational activities. The desired outcome of most learning programs is to develop target job skills. We support organizational personnel as they analyze Learning Program requirements and develop a strategy to execute that learning program in a manner that is unique to the requirements of an organization or department. ANI Learning Program Analysis services include:

  • Conducting comprehensive Job Task Analysis
  • Developing prescriptive, individualized learning paths
  • Assessing readiness for career path advancement
  • Evaluating and integrating existing learning assets into comprehensive Learning Programs
  • Developing a Learning Program Governance model
  • Designing full learning curriculums to support career paths
Lab Design

Lab Architecture Design

ANI designs and builds hardware and software labs to support classroom or job skill testing requirements.

Lab Guide Design

Working from a Course Design Plan, ANI designs task-oriented Lab Guides that support specific job skill requirements.

ANI Lab Design Services include:

  • Hardware and software requirements
  • Build out of actual lab environment
  • Design of objectives and job skills associated with individual labs
  • Design learner guided lab activities
  • Specify intended results, document samples
  • Specify lab setup and restoration procedures including hardware and software configurations and sample scripts