Learning Solutions


ANI has a rich and varied custom learning development experience. Our proven and scalable development process finds its foundation in a partnership with our client before, during and after development to ensure that incremental successes lead to a solid final learning product.

Online Learning

ANI builds custom learning programs for Web or Mobile delivery. We also perform rapid conversion of existing learning assets into reusable learning objects accessible via a Web interface. We use leading edge technologies to create media in the format most appropriate for the hosting environment and the learner requirements. We encourage our clients to develop in multiple media formats such as MP4, blogs, podcasts, resource links, activities and interactions, on-line breakouts or webcasts, or PDFs to fit the learning styles as well as the lifestyles of today’s mobile learner.

Online Learning Development Services include:

  • Develop early design document and prototypes for stakeholder review
  • Develop media in reasonable “chunks” of short duration to maximize learner engagement
  • Leverage the voice of subject matter experts where possible
  • Author or adjust scripts for voice over
  • Voice talent and audio recording
  • Animating and full motion production
  • Build enhanced interactions for optimal learning (knowledge checks, games, simulations etc.)
  • Convert existing ILT to engaging Web media
  • Providing client on-line review before integration with LMS
Graphic Development

ANI assists clients with quality graphics to support learning.

ANI Graphic Development Services include:

  • Converting text to graphic depictions
  • Converting or rebuilding existing graphics to new file formats
  • Enhancing the quality of existing graphics
  • Converting graphics to effective facilitator presentations
  • Developing graphics for optimal Online or Mobile delivery
Facilitated Delivery Courseware

ANI provides a wide range of services that support end-to-end development of custom learning solutions for instructor led and online delivery. We partner with our clients to ensure that development supports stakeholder requirement and internal processes. Where requested, we leverage existing learning assets and engage client approved subject matter experts to add validity to the development and review process.

ANI offers these specific Learning Development Services:

  • Develop early content design and prototype to ensure final product meets client expectations
  • Conduct incremental technical reviews
  • Engage subject matter experts to ensure technical accuracy
  • Conduct full course stakeholder review
  • Ensure course flows as intended and adjust before engaging learners
  • Conduct full course Beta delivery with representative learners to ensure effectiveness with target audience
  • Build a full set of learning assets, as required for each project, that may include:
    • Student guide
    • Lab or activity guide
    • Facilitator resources
    • Configuration scripts
    • Case studies
    • Assessments

ANI performs pre- and post-content development tasks associated with the creation of an overall learning product. This activity encompasses all aspects of the “production process” with deliverables available in PPT, DOC and PDF formats.

Services include:

  • Apply client-approved templates and icons
  • Develop and apply editorial guidelines
  • Apply graphic standards
  • Compile documents including a TOC
  • Create print-ready documents including PDF versions of lessons and books
  • Print fulfillment services
eLearning Enhancements

ANI provides our clients with enhanced eLearning experiences utilizing comprehensive, immersive, and innovative Technology. Our eLearning enhancements are comprised of assets, environments, objects, and other interactive elements, to support and augment eLearning.

Specific examples of these assets include:

HTML5 & Innovation
  • Responsive design
  • s503-complient videos with closed captions
  • Data-driven UI/UX
Imagery & Iconography
  • Custom animation
    • Chalk-Talks
    • Kinetic typography
  • Extensive photo library
  • Photorealistic 3D models
    • Humans
    • Vehicles
    • Office furniture/equipment
Games & Simulations
  • Interactive Environments Simulating Apps/Software (2D)
  • Real-time 3D Interactions (“video games”)
  • Fun/engaging HTML5 interactions