Learning Solutions

Interactive eLearning

ANI’s interactive eLearning courses are designed to create a dialogue between learners and eLearning content. These courses engage learners by enabling them to be involved in their own learning process. Statistics indicate that traditional learning methods do not prepare learners for real-life situations. It’s very difficult to learn something out of context, then remember and apply it days, weeks, even months later when the real situation actually arises. So interactive learning brings the real-life context to the learner. It enables them to simulate actual job tasks, problem solve in the moment, and truly learn new skills by experimenting, dealing with on-the-job circumstances, and learning from their mistakes.

Using a combination of interactive elements—process or procedure scenarios and simulations, animated videos, animated games, multiple choice, drag and drop, and fill in the blank quizzes, leaderboards that enable competition between learners, and so on—ANI’s eLearning courses keep learners engaged from beginning to end. Of course that doesn’t always mean interactivity from beginning to end. It means developing a strategy—identifying where interactive components are relevant and will highlight key takeaways from the course, so you can focus your learners’ attention on essential content and keep your project within scope and budget.