Learning Solutions

Performance Support

Today’s technologies create a business environment that is frequently and rapidly shifting—an environment in which information can quickly become obsolete. At ANI, we don’t believe anyone should waste time learning information they don’t need or can’t use. So our performance support strategy is about leveraging a combination of intelligently curated formal and informal learning content that can be delivered to the person who needs it when it is actually needed, rather than on a deferred basis. Our processes and platform are tailored to a user’s unique interests, can anticipate their specific needs, and will fill their gaps in knowledge as they arise—just in time.

Many businesses find it difficult to meet training goals and engage their workforces, especially on modest budgets; but our just in time learning approach enables businesses to take training one step at a time. By breaking up existing content into microlearing assets and organizing them intelligently on a learning portal, businesses can deliver information to the right people when they need it to perform specific tasks, can update obsolete information, and can even replace unengaging information with something more interesting as the budget allows. With the combination of performance support services that fit your organization, you’ll quickly see what a difference it makes to get the right information, to the right people, right on time.